Branding From The Heart

This is an intuitive experience of discovering your authentic essence!

Are you frustrated that your branding just isn’t you or is exhausting to keep current? Or are you just starting out and have no branding? The word 'branding' feels distasteful to many of us because it seems manipulative, unauthentic, and even cynical. But what if it's something else? What if it's simply the means to get you and your ideal soulmate-clients or tribe attracted and connected with one another? What if it's just the key to really knowing what you've got to offer and feeling genuinely confident about it, and spending your life doing stuff you're truly good at with people that you like? Why spend lots of money and time having someone construct a brand for you?

Your essence is what you have to offer the world! Free yourself to focus on your business and connecting with your soulmate-clients instead of spending your resources keeping up with branding. In an intuitive guided workshop with Malina, together you will start to uncover your own authentic brand essence from the heart. Packed with resources, intuitive exercises & meditations, creative sharings and profound insights & next steps, it's an investment that keeps giving back long after the day is done.

The workshop's agenda:
Session 1 (10am - 1pm)
Break (1pm-2pm)
Session 2 (2pm-6-7pm, depending on the pace of the group)

We will be working on the 7 major steps in creating your own branding from the heart:
1. Clearing unhealthy beliefs about branding
2. Discovering your very own unique brand essence
3. Becoming visible to the world with your own brand essence & releasing any resistance & blocks that you may have
4. Connecting with your source of Abundance
5. Connecting with our soulmate-client that is ready to join your tribe and ready to pay for your offers
6. A look into your human design system & discover how to approach branding that aligns with who you are
7. Get to know your very own #ClienTar (client avatar)

Spots are limited, as this is a highly personal and intensive workshop, we are keeping to a small group so each person gets the maximum outcome.

Fee: RM800 per person
Please PM us to book your spot or write to hello@thehatcheryplace.comfor more details. We will need to know your birthdate, time & location to personalize your own set of strategies for you.

//We will be offering this workshop again on 11th Feb, 2017 (Saturday) if you can't make it to this one. Lookout for our announcement.//

Here are some feedbacks from Malina's past workshops:

"Thank you Malina Uth for such a stellar educational and transformative experience. Who knew there was more to the inner child than just ourselves that needed nurturing. It was also my first foray into a Family Constellation experience and it brought so much healing to myself and the people with us this evening. Hope to experience more of your wisdom soon!"

"Oh wow! Malina Uth, thank you so much for such a brilliant session! I was totally blown away by the whole experience. We keep hearing about connecting to our Inner Child but to bring our Inner Parents into the healing process was such a lightbulb moment. My Inner Child will always be grateful."

"And what a bonus treat to experience what Family Constellation is all about. I am so humbled to have been part of a healing process that had such a profound effect on all of us. I am so grateful for these amazing experiences. Thank you so much, once again, Malina. You are awesomely amazing!"

About Malina Uth
I have been on a deep healing journey the last 6 years, where I learned to precisely listen to my heart, body and soul and to trust my own inner knowing more and more. Over the years I have been writing with my inner parts almost every day and I have fallen in love with the soul dialogues.

I learned to listen to myself with compassion and empathy and to send love to every aspect of myself. I had so many wounded and supressed inner parts from my childhood inside of me and old ancestorial patterns stored in my body, that needed loving care and healing. Every day I took time to listen to them, take care of them and to give them what they really needed.

This way I was guided to great healers and coaches, that helped me heal my past traumas, depression and anxieties. I was able to totally transform my life and now iI am ready to bring this wonderful work and experience to others. I love connecting with the inner parts of other souls and it is a great pleasure for me to listen to them and to discover what they truly need on their own journey.

Your personal soul dialogue or soul coaching

It is a great pleasure for me, when i can guide and gift you with this deep connection to your own soul. Through your unique soul dialogue or soul coaching. Connecting with your own souls wisdom is such a blessing and can bring you places you could have never imagined before.

Dipl. Wirt.-Ing. (RWTH Aachen)
Kreativtherapeutin (IBKK Bochum)
Schamanischer Counselor (Hon Dahja Institut)


Wed Feb 1, 2017
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM MYT
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